Stirring Up Trouble Season 3: Getting off Pharma Episode 1: UTIs

Want to get and stay healthy off of big pharma? That’s the subject of this season Stirring Up Trouble.

Sean Gilder, creator of Regenerate, Lute, and an expert researcher on health is the guest this season and opening it up to weekly questions.

This week is UTIs – how to stop those urinary burns naturally…




Sean’s recommended products:…


Raw Milk – that’s what I use
Lute – I added a shot of extra love for the body but you don’t “need” it for UTI:
D-mannos –
Methylene Blue


Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate Powder –
Worm Trays, I used molds to make the ice cubes and if you find better ones lemme know –
Just a scoop of the Mag in a glass of water made into popsicles for the kid and ice cubes is great!

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