NICK DELEO – Commitment Chicken

In fun and hilarious ways Emmy-award winning children’s show host and award-winning filmmaker, Angela Shelton, asks Nashville musicians about their lives behind closed doors. There’s A LOT to chew on! 

Stirring Up Trouble is an irreverent comedy cooking show where we talk about healing sex more than food.

Episode 6 Angela Shelton invites singer songwriter Nick DeLeo over for some chicken and strawberries to discuss how men and women can heal and be committed. 

New episodes and promos are posted every Thursday. 

From the cover of the New York Times to Oprah, Larry King Live, 48 Hours and Lifetime TV, Angela Shelton and her big mouth speak truths that others are afraid to say. Now she is stirring the pot in Nashville at 

Brought to you by Round Room Productions and Forest Films 

Produced by Angela Shelton and Benny Jenkins
Directed by Benny Jenkins

Liberty Clark (assistant director), Jarrett Jarvis (director of photography), Ryan Gelder (camera operator), Grayson Gerni (editor/music), Michael Collins (set decorator), Cassy Laessig (hair and makeup), Chad Willmore (set photographer), Tracie Hitz (social media), Claire Radcliff (PR).

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