GIBSON CAGE and Truth Burgers

THIS episode with Gibson Cage begins the turn of Stirring Up Trouble. Angela Shelton pushes the envelope with everything she does and just like her other projects, there is a deeper message and meaning with this comedy cooking show.

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In Episode 3 Angela asks rocker GIBSON CAGE about his life and finds out his mother was murdered in domestic violence. Again, though we set the stage with comedy, Angela will ALWAYS bring up the real with deep, heartbreaking, and eye-opening truths. We are grateful to our guests like Gibson for being open to sharing.

Angela’s song about her own experiences with abuse and violence launches June 3rd:

How have you or any of your loved ones been affected by domestic violence?
Angela supports, approves of, and knows the humans behind Please utilize the fantastic resources they provide from ways to escape violence to heal techniques.

Gibson and Angela are recording a song they co-wrote at

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Produced by Angela Shelton and Benny Jenkins. Directed by Benny Jenkins

Liberty Clark (assistant director), Jarrett Jarvis (director of photography), Ryan Gelder (camera operator), Grayson Gerni (editor/music), Michael Collins (set decorator), Cassy Laessig (hair and makeup), Chad Willmore (set photographer), Tracie Hitz (social media), Claire Radcliff (PR).

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